Angel Patrons


‘Talent To aMuse’ Theatre Company invites you to
become an “Angel Patron” and help us
SERAPHIM $ 50 – $ 74 includes program listing & 2 performance vouchers

(An angel with 3 prs of wings!)

CHERUBIM $ 75 – $ 99 includes program listing & 3 performance vouchers

(A beautiful winged angel – usually scantily clothed!)

ANGEL PATRONS $100 – $ 149 includes program listing & 4 performance vouchers

(Def. #1, heavenly guardian.

Def. #5, the financial backer of a play or any enterprise!)

ARCHANGELS $150 & up includes program listing & 6 performance vouchers

(Angel of the highest rank!)

PATRON SAINTS includes program listing, 8 performance vouchers and

(Special protector) a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ posted in the lobby of each show.

“Patron Saints of Actors” For only $200 you may sponsor an actor’s performance for the run of the show. .

“Patron Saints of Performance” For only $250 you can sponsor an evening performance of “Caliban’s Island”).

(Note: More than one person can share a Sainthood sponsorship!)

For more information – please call or email Sandy at
Talent To aMuse Theatre Co.
2967 Beech St., San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: 619-940-6813 – email: –