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Started making up plays & stories at the age of 5, making her stuffed animals and dolls act as either a member of the cast or one of the captive audience.

Throughout the four years of high school and into her first year in college at Arizona State University Theatre she either performed in or worked tech in every show during the school year and the summer as well.

She left school during her sophomore year at ASU to get married and start a family.  She moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she met a group of other mothers/aspiring actors who had formed a group called The Traveling Munchkins – that traveled performing for children in schools, community halls, etc. … Read more


Gail West has been involved in theatre since the 50’s when she starred in “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg”…as the Goose, of course.  The part was her choice because she was too shy to actually talk.  Fast forward to Northwestern University in the 60’s and the student director who thought it would be insightful to rehearse an experimental show under the influence of…whatever.  Gail’s character spent the whole time peering through the crack of a door behind which she had chosen to hide.  It was another speechless role.

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(Artist in Residence)

Starting out as a lad doing cute stuff in grade school, George watched his dad doing work in “little theatre” (as it was termed in the Forties & Fifties).  His parents enrolled him in San Diego Junior Theatre in the summer of 1957 when he was thirteen.

Attending Junior Theatre in the summertime was doubly inspiring to George because of its proximity to the Old Globe Theatre.  After classes, he would wander into the Old Globe (the lovely original intimate 1930s playhouse that later burned down) and watch rehearsals of the Shakespeare Festival plays, often with Craig Noel directing.

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